Aromatherapy for Wellness – Personalized Essential Oil Blend


Personalized Aromatherapy Blend – 10ml pre-diluted essential oil roller

Sold By: Lazarus Tribe Wellness


Receive Your Very Own Personalized Essential Oil Blend

Discover How Aromatherapy Can Help with Issues Such As:
  • negatively impacted mood due to increased stress of the year
  • more anxious thoughts than usual
  • muscle aches or pains that are not due to an acute injury
  • bothersome headaches
  • and more!

Step 1: When you purchase, you will be emailed with instructions for how to schedule your aromatherapy consultation.

Step 2: After receiving the email, you may complete your Aromatherapy Starter Questionnaire and a couple of other housekeeping forms.

Step 2: Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Rachel Newman will create a personalized essential oil blend to best suit the needs you’d like to work on at this time.

Step 3: Receive your blend as a 10ml pre-diluted roller to be used topically (either local pickup or via first-class mail).

Step 4: During your 15-minute consultation, we’ll discuss using the blend and what to expect. You will also have the option of discussing if you’d like to keep exploring aromatherapy for your wellness, as well as take advantage of any other services of Lazarus Tribe Wellness, which include herbal and nutritional supplementation, guided meditation and prayer, and other holistic techniques.


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Aromatherapy for Wellness – Personalized Essential Oil Blend